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  • Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits

    In the spirit of thinking out loud, here are some additional disorganized thoughts of my own. I speak for nobody but myself as I voice these. I speak to nobody but who is listening, and in direct response to Chloe352: “… all this, don’t take it as anything else but this. And if one day […]

    Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits
  • O9A: An Labyrinthian Leviathan

    There’s a lot of thoughtful and on point posts that I have been seeing lately. This is among the best of them! I want to thank the author for their contribution here.

  • A Response To DarkLianna: Reposted for Chloe.

    Since the is undergoing technical issues, I am reposting this for Chloe352. Hopefully this will find its way to DarkLianna. Any help from my readers would be appreciated.

    -Beast Xeno

  • Fenrir: A Well Thought Response:

    Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. Other times, we don’t read enough into them. Take a look at this thoughtful response.

  • Chitinous Covin

    One thinks of warfare and conflict in a general sense as hostility, as violence enacted in a bid for control. The concepts of war and violence are, to many, wholly inseparable, and one does not seize control without causing some degree of bodily harm – that is, according to past-aeon minds. However, in the eternal, […]

    Chitinous Covin

    Echoes of the Slyman. This is exemplary of the Insidious Way… To the author of this article, I salute you!

  • Worldly Folk

    Those who follow the rules, obey the law, and live “normal” lives are referred to as “Mundanes”. They rarely, if ever, colour outside of the lines, and their heads are full of whatever nonsense popular culture has force-fed them. Their responses are programmed, and more often than not, things outside of their established norm are […]

    Worldly Folk
  • The Dark Concealment (Chapter 1) – The Insidious Way

    So it begins… I have reopened The Insidious Way website. Right now it is simply the first chapter of The Dark Concealment, but in time there will be more sections added. Gradually.

    Gradually Eminent Mind will be reworked to host my artwork, poetry, and videos. There will be a special section dedicated to the writings of Jason Sorrell in memorial. Phase one has come to an end. I hope to see my readers there.

    Live Deliberately,
    -T.C. Downey (Beast Xeno – Nine)

  • A Complete Guide To O9A Subculture

    The O9A Sigil O9A Subculture: A Complete Guide (pdf) °°°°°°°°° This 1519 page work contains all the texts necessary to understand the subculture known as the ‚Order of Nine Angles‘. Included in the gratis open access pdf (c.60 Mb) document are: * Introduction To Omega9Alpha Subculture:Definitions.Omega9Alpha Subculture: Drecc, Niner, Rounwytha, Hebdomadary.The Language Of Omega9Alpha Subculture.Appendix […]

    A Complete Guide To O9A Subculture
  • Guide To O9A Subculture

    The Star Game Guide To O9A Subculture (pdf) °°°°°°°°° * Definitions: Culture, Subculture, O9A, Omega9Alpha* Omega9Alpha Subculture: Drecc, Niner, Rounwytha, Hebdomadary* The Language Of Omega9Alpha Subculture* Appendix I: Omega9Alpha Philosophy* Appendix II: Code Of Kindred Honour °°°°°°°

    Guide To O9A Subculture
  • o 9 a » Blog Archive » Kollective Mind-virus

  • The Shape of Things to Come. (Worthy of a read)

    Everything that exists in this universe develops its suchness, quality, and nature because of its Environment. Time is on the ONA’s side. The Future neither belongs to the Right or Left. It belongs to Violence, War, Hate, Competition, and Human death and casualties the likes of which we have never seen: the Future belongs to Human Nature. It’s the Kali Yuga after all. Agios O World War 3!

    Read the full article here!

  • The Choice of Awareness
    The following is borrowed from Beginning to Understand, a blog by Apsara Kamalli. Our lives are constantly in motion. This energy creates the constant changes that make up our existence. Every day, I hear questions thrown out at random like “Why is this happening to me,” and “What did I do to deserve this?” As much as some people may not want to take responsibility for their actions, the answer to both questions is “Because of the choices you’ve made.” While the questions are thrown out at random, the constant energy creating the results we deal with is not random. It is not haphazard or cast down upon you. You have created it, and it is a product of your creation. Every choice made in every given moment creates the reality around you. Our lives are constantly in motion. In the duration of a split nanosecond, our lives can change immensely. The energy of constant change moves more rapidly than we can consciously understand. Most of the choices we make on a daily basis are done so in a state of reaction, instantaneous and without much thought. Each of these quick, small responses carries the capability of suddenly impacting the world around us. Sometimes these transitions are invisible to the untrained eye. Sometimes, these transitions impact not only you, but all within your sphere of influence. Either way, at your core, at your soul, and with awareness, you can feel your vibration transforming. Now is the time to take control over this possibility. Now is the time to recognize the power of the vibrational shift and play a deliberate role in directing the energetic motion of our daily lives. Every choice, every action, every formulation, or lack thereof, of intention will shift your vibrational existence. Our lives are constantly in motion. Every moment in time is filled with infinite opportunities to manifest your will, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Every moment comes with the choice of awareness. Choosing to not be aware of this key element is choosing to feel lost, out of control, helpless, or maybe even falsely that you are guided by a higher being. Your awareness of the consequences of your thoughts and actions provide you with the power to define your liberation. The choices you make represent your own personal power. How often you choose to be aware of your personal power will determine the amount of instances you find yourself asking, “Why is this happening to me?”