Madness Manifested

Intentions of an Eminent Mind

What are we trying to accomplish here?  What is our purpose in presenting the Darkhorse Ideology and our thoughts about life, the social order, and what it is to be human?  People have read this blog and asked if we are forming a new organization.  Are we trying to form and lead a movement, a new school, or even an army?  Do we think that we have the answers that other people need, or the truth that others seek?

To these questions, I would respond “no”.  It is not our intent to lead a mass of people, to cultivate a following, or anything so altruistic or trivial.  In my previous dealings with other organizations, I argued against the betterment of man for man’s sake.  I opposed the idea of offering our example as a charity or kindness to those around us.  “Leave the dead to the dead”, I said, “and let sleeping lions lie.”  Trying to lead for the sake of leadership, for the power-trip of being a leader, teacher, master, or whatever other nonsense one might choose to indulge in, is ultimately self defeating.  I have no interest in giving anyone anything, or being the lead dog on someone’s personal sled.

Everything we do here, I believe, is purely to serve ourselves.  I am not an altruist.  I am a pragmatist.

The only leader worth following is one who leads by example, and then it must be an example you yourself would wish to set.  Leaders do what they do, not to be leaders, but because it is in their nature to act.  A leader would take the same action even if no one else were there to follow the example.  A leader does not concern himself with titles or the recognition for his efforts.  A leader focuses on the goal.

My goals are simple.  I am a Darkhorse.  I wish to cultivate and develop my powers and slip unseen from the reigns of this world.  I seek the truth of myself, and the freedom I am convinced will result.  I am unequivocally selfish in this pursuit.  I don’t care if anyone else gets there, I am only concerned for myself.  If you are in my way, I will remove you.  If you run with me but are a risk to my goals, I will trip you and let whatever might be chasing us have you.

We cannot be concerned about the well being of others.  Time is too short.

I do, however, recognize fellow Darkhorses.  I recognize my peers who are strong in mind and spirit, clear in vision, and absolutely committed to their own pursuit.  We all share them same wolfish grin and hungry glint in the eye.  I watch for them, because what one might do in a year, two might do in eight months.  Five might do the same in four months.  Time is short.

I watch for you, because I know that as I succeed, I will come under the scrutiny and attack of others.  There are those who prefer to sleep, and those who would prefer that we remain asleep, and both are fearful of the noise that I make and the nightmares my example no doubt causes in the placid minds of the dead.  My example exclaims that they fail at life.  My example points to their hypocrisy.  As such, my example is one that they cannot tolerate.

Fear the power of sleeping people in mass!

One Darkhorse can be overwhelmed by five, maybe ten sleepers.  Two will hold there own against 20.  A dozen can handle hundreds with ease.  There is strength in numbers, but only when one is aware that each becomes as weak as the weakest among them.  The wise, therefore, seek only their equal as companions and compatriots.  Loyal, yes.  Supportive, absolutely.  But also ever vigilant for weakness, sloth, decent, and treachery, as any who recognizes that they began alone and will end alone must be.

You are ultimately responsible for yourself.  Live your life for yourself and no other, and expect no other to live their life for your sake.


6 responses

  1. And this path of a Dark Horse will separate you from the majority of your fellow man. Many will call you crazy or delusional, but they may let you continue to live in your world of illusions, for awhile. However, sooner or later, there will come other Dark Horses in search of the Truth. You will know them by the characteristics you described, and that is when the masses will turn on you, for you will be threatening their continued non-existence. They will feel threatened by the pursuit of a more “real” life, even and especially if that “real” life is simpler than their own. You will make them feel guilty for not engaging in their own Self-Awareness, and they will not like it.

    This is when you will be shunned and vilified, maybe even by your “brothers”, for they too will not want to pursue the path of a Dark Horse with you. You may be accused of committing betrayal in some way, condemned for doing so, and possibly deserted from the moment you accept your cause – the realization of the Self.

    I say, be no longer concerned with the acceptance or approval of the world. You say you are a Dark Horse, a slyman, a pragmatist. I challenge then that, regardless of the meaningless consequences cast upon you by your fellow man, your Self-Awareness through actualization of the Truth will provide a higher return worth the investment of your time than any distraction presented by the dead.



    April 24, 2012 at 6:04 pm

  2. Alex Jones

    The lone wolf by its nature suffers a harder life than the pack, its life expectancy is short and the rewards less. A pack moves as one mind, working for the pack not the individual. The pack is not dead, but have the common desire to survive by working as a team. The individual is quickly cast from the pack as a lone wolf, since the survival of all depends upon the pack working as one unit. A caribu is brought down by the pack, rarely the individual wolf. Rarely if ever did a hunter take down a mammoth, but a team of hunters did.


    April 25, 2012 at 3:47 am

  3. I think there are degrees in the process of waking until a transmutation that really changes things. But generally speaking, those who sleep are puppets operated by invisible puppeteers very powerful and very Awake. The true nature of these puppeteers may escape our ( my) syntax.
    Another thing, I often tell myself that creating a defensive perimeter too rigid poses the disadvantage of leaving out something, I do not know but perhaps, indispensable. I do not mean the puppets, but to possibilities beyond our ( my ) current perception.


    April 25, 2012 at 4:38 am

  4. @Alex I agree, a pack mentality is more viable than a lone-wolf mentality. ULitmately, though, each animal is responsible for itself. Is each wolf a benefit or a hinderance to the pack? I recognize and welcome those who could be members of my pack within my circle. As to all others…


    April 25, 2012 at 7:02 am

  5. @Antiec I sometimes wonder if the puppeteers are Awake. There are degrees, most are asleep, some are Awake, and some are truly dead. The dead make no choices, and are completely dependent on the influences around them not only for their behaviors, but for their identity. I disagree with the concept of a secret core of “awakened” leaders, and instead propose that we are all under the influence of a mindless, self-perpetuating system that has naturally arisen through our lack of Wakefulness. We all fulfill a role in that system unless we can be free of it, and those at the helm are the most deeply enslaved by their roles.


    April 25, 2012 at 7:12 am

  6. Of course.
    With the term of puppeteers, I meant forces of the cosmos of a more abstract nature (with an existence beyond our language). In mythical language, similar to the sublunary Archons of Neoplatonic and Pythagorean


    April 25, 2012 at 7:54 am

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