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Haunter (a short poem)

Just beyond the reach of the fire’s soft light;
Lurking the shadows, whispering to the night;
From a time before time, Baleful and Malefic;
Crimson-black soaked robe reminiscent of Ole Celtic;
Madness seeping in like spores do a carcass;
An offering made of flesh and bone, who knows the purpose;

Only the Great Mother recognizes all thousand faces;
Staring into the Void, the strange geometry of such places;
Numinously unsettling the intensity renders one nauseous;
Peeling the skin , twisted grin,  ecstasy rises and crashes;
In the pale lunar glow, a new horror is composed;
Blissfully unassuming masses, until the plot unfolds;

In the wake of Myatt’s Vindex, galactic order is imposed;
A return to the folk path, reanimated specter O’ long ago;
In the Times of Culling, glaring notions of suchness had much reveal;
Our kind rises above, because we bathe in fire and steel;
The Black Man shares the message, Awaken the A:O;
The Dark God’s are presenced within the Chaos that is sown; 

And to the New Aeon, be more honest than the last;
Let mankind’s wyrdful purpose reach out into the vast;
Alchemical altered physis, a path that’s sevenfold;
Insidious is the slyman, a sinister dialect of that unknown;
So bring on the Crawling Chaos, raise those megaliths;
Outside the Nameless City,  the darkness is our gift.

-T.C. Downey 06/06/2021