Madness Manifested

Chitinous Covin

One thinks of warfare and conflict in a general sense as hostility, as violence enacted in a bid for control. The concepts of war and violence are, to many, wholly inseparable, and one does not seize control without causing some degree of bodily harm – that is, according to past-aeon minds. However, in the eternal, […]

Chitinous Covin

Echoes of the Slyman. This is exemplary of the Insidious Way… To the author of this article, I salute you!


One response

  1. 513

    I appreciate your kind words. The Slyman represents a personification of many Sinister elements, I’ve found, which are incredibly nuanced and complex in their motives. One spares themselves the pain of regret by being mindful, and perhaps such elaborate schemes as devised by Aqrabuamelu are an effort towards the best possible outcome via supremely mindful action.


    April 10, 2022 at 1:41 pm

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