Madness Manifested


Eminent Mind has recently been repurposed to house the totality of the creative efforts of T.C. Downey. Through these pages and posts you will find a glimpse of the bizarre conjurations of expressive reflections. There is little doubt in my mind, that most will mistake my works as simply poorly done composites. To me, they are so much more. They represent the inspiration, that I’ve drawn from the world beyond that of my self. How they have manifested is derived solely based upon whatever medium I am working in.

So now I guess the question is who am I? Who is T.C. Downey? The typical description I use on social media is as follows:

“Cab Driver, Tattooist, Disturbed Visual Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Criminal Liaison, Self-described Agent of Chaos, and much more…”

All of which is extremely accurate and true. To really know me however; you can find on the pages of Eminent Mind and Insidious Way. So please, get to know the madness that is me. Warning!: You just might like it!

-T.C. Downey aka Beast Xeno / Nine


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