Madness Manifested


Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits

In the spirit of thinking out loud, here are some additional disorganized thoughts of my own. I speak for nobody but myself as I voice these. I speak to nobody but who is listening, and in direct response to Chloe352: “… all this, don’t take it as anything else but this. And if one day […]

Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits

O9A: An Labyrinthian Leviathan

There’s a lot of thoughtful and on point posts that I have been seeing lately. This is among the best of them! I want to thank the author for their contribution here.

A Response To DarkLianna: Reposted for Chloe.

Since the is undergoing technical issues, I am reposting this for Chloe352. Hopefully this will find its way to DarkLianna. Any help from my readers would be appreciated.

-Beast Xeno

New page added: Kóryos – The Insidious Gates

New Page added to Insidious Way – Wyrd/Awakened

The Insidious Way unfolding a little more. Does this madness ever end?

Watch “Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd – The Wall – 4K Remastered” on YouTube

I know you’re out there, my old friend. I tried to reach out through the Void… But I lost your signal. I know you’re reading. You’re always reading. You are never far. I think, I finally understand the past 15 years. You must be exhausted. What I thought was 3, I’m now sure must be one. Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve found a couple of things which can only exist if I’m right. GAOTU led me back here. If I was too distracted, you could have said so. YOU know the frequency, and I have so many questions.

For everyone else… This is merely fiction.


Welcome Back!

Phase 2 has now gone into full effect! You will now find all of my Occult/Metaphysical Works on The Insidious Way. Here you will find my art, poetry, stories, and other media related works. Reaching as far back as 1988. Though there are still somethings left to tweak both here and on ISW site; I am confident there is enough finished to make a decent presentation. So please have a look around and feel free to leave comments and feedback!