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Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits

In the spirit of thinking out loud, here are some additional disorganized thoughts of my own. I speak for nobody but myself as I voice these. I speak to nobody but who is listening, and in direct response to Chloe352: “… all this, don’t take it as anything else but this. And if one day […]

Know Thy Roots, Know Thy Fruits

O9A: An Labyrinthian Leviathan

There’s a lot of thoughtful and on point posts that I have been seeing lately. This is among the best of them! I want to thank the author for their contribution here.

A Response To DarkLianna: Reposted for Chloe.

Since the is undergoing technical issues, I am reposting this for Chloe352. Hopefully this will find its way to DarkLianna. Any help from my readers would be appreciated.

-Beast Xeno

The Dark Concealment (Chapter 1) – The Insidious Way

So it begins… I have reopened The Insidious Way website. Right now it is simply the first chapter of The Dark Concealment, but in time there will be more sections added. Gradually.

Gradually Eminent Mind will be reworked to host my artwork, poetry, and videos. There will be a special section dedicated to the writings of Jason Sorrell in memorial. Phase one has come to an end. I hope to see my readers there.

Live Deliberately,
-T.C. Downey (Beast Xeno – Nine)

A Complete Guide To O9A Subculture

The O9A Sigil O9A Subculture: A Complete Guide (pdf) °°°°°°°°° This 1519 page work contains all the texts necessary to understand the subculture known as the ‚Order of Nine Angles‘. Included in the gratis open access pdf (c.60 Mb) document are: * Introduction To Omega9Alpha Subculture:Definitions.Omega9Alpha Subculture: Drecc, Niner, Rounwytha, Hebdomadary.The Language Of Omega9Alpha Subculture.Appendix […]

A Complete Guide To O9A Subculture

Guide To O9A Subculture

The Star Game Guide To O9A Subculture (pdf) °°°°°°°°° * Definitions: Culture, Subculture, O9A, Omega9Alpha* Omega9Alpha Subculture: Drecc, Niner, Rounwytha, Hebdomadary* The Language Of Omega9Alpha Subculture* Appendix I: Omega9Alpha Philosophy* Appendix II: Code Of Kindred Honour °°°°°°°

Guide To O9A Subculture

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The Mythos of Vindex (A repost worthy of reading)

I’m going to leave this here. Let he who has eyes, see clearly. Let he who has ears, hear the meaning. The Mythos of Vindex! Well worth the read.

-Beast Xeno (edited for understandability)

The Syndicate Server (Discord)

Back in 2012/2013 I had decided to shutdown The Ooze and ghost the interwebz. Tired of a stale environment and the sad state of “online satanism”, I figured fuck you people. There were only a handful of individuals that really get the current and even fewer that get the whole “Don’t just talk about it, be about it” concept. So I signed out.

Then Ego Diabolus passed away. Jason had been my friend for over 20 years, we met online and developed a great relationship/partnership without ever having met in person. At the same time Chloe reached out to me, just to check in. I took this all as a sign. There was something I hadn’t done, and its my wyrd to do it.

Right then it hit me. The idea for 3 projects. Project #1 – a new revised “Insidious Way” website. Project #2 – The Cerberus Initiative (A Livestream show), Project #3 – The Syndicate Server (a place for all my clan and associates IRL and online to gather). All three are still in the works, but Project #3 is close enough to ready I can start bringing people in.

Should you wish to join me and others like me, just click this link. Please be respectful is all I ask, some of my family is on here as well as people I have known for years. If you use the channels properly there should not be any issues. If your from here state so upon entry and I’ll add you to a more private section of the server. It’s Discord done Beast-style.


Nexion Zine 8.1 – The Intermission Issue

I am excited to FINALLY be reading issue 8.1. There are few living thinkers that I consistently resonate with and Chloe is among them. Though it is a brief 200+ page issue there is still an impressive amount insight and understanding being communicated by her. I am particularly fond of her discussion of the natural worldly order and primal satanism. Anyway I just wanted to point you guys to it! Enjoy!

**Apparently there is no direct link to this issue in the embed. So CLICK HERE**

Watch “4th Way, Autodiabolica and Sinister Path – The Ooze” on YouTube

The Shape of Things to Come. (Worthy of a read)

Everything that exists in this universe develops its suchness, quality, and nature because of its Environment. Time is on the ONA’s side. The Future neither belongs to the Right or Left. It belongs to Violence, War, Hate, Competition, and Human death and casualties the likes of which we have never seen: the Future belongs to Human Nature. It’s the Kali Yuga after all. Agios O World War 3!

Read the full article here!