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Watch “10 Worst Neighborhoods In Fort Myers, Florida” on YouTube

It’s always comforting to see your home ranked as number one! LMAO! Sadly everything this guy says is true about Fort Myers. What’s a Niner to do though?

Watch “Is the Sun Conscious? – The Ooze” on YouTube

Watch “The Insidious Way – Essence and Influence 101” on YouTube

Watch “intentions of an Eminent Mind (a precursor to a series of videos)” on YouTube

Watch The Origin of Christianity on Youtube

Watch “4th Way, Autodiabolica and Sinister Path – The Ooze” on YouTube

Watch “Worthless vs Priceless” on YouTube

Watch “Postmodern Satanism – The Ooze” on YouTube

Watch “The Philosophy of 42” on YouTube

Watch “Objective Reality The Ooze” on YouTube

The second installment of The Ooze, This time Jason King, Venger Satanis, and Jason Sorrell join me to discuss Objective Reality. This series will unfortunately only be a few entries as apparently most of my files are now corrupt.

The Ooze – 10 Years Past

So I was going through files building and organizing a PDF library and I ran across a bunch of downloads of my favorite episodes of The Ooze. So I’ve decided to create a collection of them. This is the first one of that collection and it is fitting because it is the first episode that Mindfux of Nexion L316 appears on. I was joined by Jason King and Darkf00l as well. I thought I would share it here.